AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover
AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover

The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover is a bold and collaborative initiative. It is a call-to-arms to all Australian minerals industry and geoscience stakeholders to address the challenges associated with exploration in the under-cover search space to improve exploration performance. Roadmap recommendations provide a blueprint for implementing the pre-competitive geoscience and applied geoscience research objectives of the National Mineral Exploration Strategy endorsed by the COAG Energy Council in 2012.

The launch of the report culminates a cooperative, year-long process coordinated by AMIRA International, involving the exploration, mining and supplier sectors, Universities, CSIRO and State, Territory and Federal Geological Agencies. The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover is an important first step towards unlocking Australia’s hidden minerals potential. The vision statement developed during the roadmap process encapsulates the sentiments of the multi-sector sponsors and expert contributors involved in its preparation: “Delivering Australia’s major new mines by locating and unlocking future mineral wealth, positioning Australia as the global leader in exploration beneath post-mineral cover rocks.”

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