Airborne IP - Stage 3
Project No. :P1036B Status :Development
AMIRA : Mr Joe Cucuzza
Duration : 3 years

Induced Polarization is a key, but expensive, geophysical methodology in the search for deeply buried minerals (and indeed in other shallow geophysical applications). While magnetics, gravity, radiometrics and electromagnetics have airborne alternatives to ground surveying, IP does not. Airborne IP (AIP) is an often-expressed desire of many explorationists. Stage 3 will build on the successes of Stages 1 and 2. With the expectation that commercial AIP services will result, this stage will undertake the development of modelling, interpretational and data-processing software.

Research Providers

  • RMIT University
  • Professor James Macnae

  • University of British Columbia
  • Professor Doug W. Oldenburg