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Remote Controlled Mining Solutions - BROKK AB/BROKK Australia



Remote controlled

Improves safety since operator can be removed from hazardous areas


Improves production, matching tonnage of excavators 4 – 5 times its size

Various attachments

Functional versatility of applications means a smaller initial capital layout

Reduced set-up time, due to having a drill, breaker, bucket, splitter and shotcrete in one machine with one control system

Compact in size

Allows access to narrow spaces and gives operator good line of view

Doesn’t block tunnels

Brokk has been the leading manufacturer of remote controlled demolition machines for over 35 years, constantly improving designs to meet customer needs. Brokk Australia, a subsidiary to Brokk AB, is headquartered in Adelaide and has a fully equipped workshop which offer operator/maintenance training and service & repairs.

Brokk machines use radio remote control technology that effectively removes the operator from hazardous zones improving personnel safety. This enables the operator to move around freely and work at a safe distance from rock falls, moving equipment and other dangerous conditions so that risk for injury or death is reduced / eliminated.

Operators are able to control and manoeuvre these compact machines safely in even the tightest of stopes, where ore bodies are often considered inaccessible due to safety concerns such as mining in the shaft pillar. This allows mining in exclusion zones, resulting in improved levels of overall extraction. In addition to improving safety in mines, costs associated with lost time injuries (LTI’s) and frequency thereof, are lower, thus increasing profitability and sustainability of mining operations.

Specialised attachments like hydraulic rock splitters and hammers, grapples and rock drills can be fitted to these remote controlled machines making Brokk a versatile option to a multitude of mining needs, all resulting in increased levels of safety and production.

Although the Brokk product range has been developed over 30 years and is used with confidence in tunnelling, construction and nuclear industries, its application in the mining industry is a recent development.

To find out more about Brokk, visit their website or contact them directly here:

Will Visser – General Manager
+61 (08) 8387 7742

Blast Design & Optimisation Software - ContinuousExcellence

ContinuousExcellence (CE) have developed integrated technology solution for all aspects of blasting operations - Blast design, Blast data management and Blast optimization.

These also include predictors and simulators for various aspects of blast operations (Air and ground vibrations, fly rock, fragmentation predictor etc). The technology solution is a Web based tool (Cloud Hosted), Mobility solution for Android and iPhone/iPad and advanced data analytics.

To find out more about ContinuousExcellence, visit their website

Download the Blasting Software Presentation from ContinuousExcellence here.