DET CRC implementation
Project No. :P1004A Status :Management
Commenced : 01 Jul 2010 AMIRA : Mr Joe Cucuzza
Value : AUD $1,790,000.00 Duration : 8 years

AMIRA is managing the Affiliate program of the DET CRC and is continuously working to recruit additional Affiliate members. There are three Affiliate colleges: METS Suppliers, Junior Explorers and Government Geological Surveys. Members of each college can access all the research outcomes and importantly can get actively involved in some of the research activities from technology development through to trialling and testing of the prototype technologies and potentially in commercialisation in the case of Suppliers. The DET CRC officially commenced operations in May 2010. 


  • ABM Resources NL
  • ARANZ Geo Limited
  • Australian Drilling Industry Association Limited
  • Australian Training Alliance
  • BASF Australia Ltd
  • Blackthorn Resources (BTR)
  • Bureau Veritas Australia
  • Carpentaria Exploration Limited
  • Century Engineering Pty Ltd
  • CGG Ground Geophysics
  • Corporaal Enterprises
  • CSA Global Pty Ltd
  • Diamant Drilling Services SA
  • Diarotech
  • Downhole Surveys Pty Ltd
  • Drillco Tools
  • Easternwell WA Pty Ltd
  • EPSLOG Engineering
  • FlexiDrill
  • Geological Survey of NSW
  • Geological Survey of Queensland
  • Geological Survey of Victoria
  • Geological Survey of Western Australia
  • Geomole Pty Ltd
  • Geoscience Australia
  • Globaltech
  • Hardcore Diamond Products
  • Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd
  • HiSeis
  • Investigator Resources
  • JKTech Pty Ltd
  • Kingston Resources Limited
  • LKAB Wassara AB
  • Minotaur Exploration Ltd
  • Monax Mining Limited
  • Moog Australia Pty Ltd
  • Nautilus Minerals Inc
  • Northern Territory Geological Survey
  • Olympus Innov-X
  • Paladin Energy Ltd
  • Reflex Geochemistry
  • Rex Minerals Limited
  • Sage Automation
  • Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia Pty Ltd
  • Tanami Gold NL
  • Teakle Composites
  • Training Prospects (Service to the Youth Council)

Research Providers

  • Deep Exploration Technologies Cooperative Research Centre
  • Professor Richard R Hillis

    Soren Soe

  • University of South Australia