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"AMIRA P754: Code of Practice for Metal Accounting" - Report available to download

Corporate governance is increasingly focused on transparency between the technicalities of sampling, assays and reconciliation with financial performance. AMIRA International P754: "Code of Practice for Metal Accounting" had two objectives; to develop a code and guidelines that meets these objectives and to carry out supporting research. The research has been completed with the awarding seven higher degrees. The Code has been well accepted by Industry.

The "AMIRA P754: Code of Practice for Metal Accounting" is provided free of charge but under the conditions that publication of "the Code", either in part or whole, is prohibited without written permission from AMIRA International.

“The Code” is provided “as is," and by downloading it you acknowledge use at your own risk. Under no circumstances shall AMIRA International, nor the Sponsors, nor any of their directors, officers, agents, employees and advisors, be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or from any statement, recommendation, advice, opinion or information contained in “the Code”.

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The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover: Unlocking Australia's Hidden Potential is a bold and collaborative initiative. It is a call-to-arms to all Australian minerals industry and geoscience stakeholders to address the challenges associated with exploration in the under-cover search space to improve exploration performance.

The Roadmap is provided for individual use only. It is not to be distributed, or otherwise published in part or whole, without the written permission of AMIRA International. By submitting a request for a copy you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.

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AMIRA’s P1025 summary report on Interoperability for Surface Mining Equipment has officially been released. - May 2016

The follow up Phase 2 project P1025A is currently open for sponsorship by mining companies, contract mine operators, government agencies and research organisations.

Mining companies are responding to the price adjustment in commodities markets by implementing cost savings and operational improvement in mineral processing plants. As a result projects focussing on operational improvement must produce tangible bottom line results within a 18 to 24 month timeframe in order to attract investment funding and management attention. AMIRA International has officially released its P1025 Summary report, “Achieving Interoperability across the Minerals Value Chain – Phase 1 - Surface Mining Equipment”. The project was sponsored by BHP Billiton, MMG, Rio Tinto, Roy Hill and CORFO, with GMSG in a supporting role.

The project was a study of interoperability across the minerals value chain, focused specifically on surface mining equipment. The project’s three main goals were to identify and position the many disparate past and present initiatives aimed at interoperability, develop a set of guiding principles for improved interoperability, and determine whether increased efforts are needed to support the evolving requirements of mining companies for major technology based transformations.

The Summary report (---Register here to download---) outlines the results of a series of interviews and surveys with key mining industry personnel about the current state of interoperability and how to move the industry toward a more open interoperable technology environment. Nearly 100 individuals participated from 66 different organisations (including mining companies, equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, services companies, research and standards organisations).

Download Prof. Hjort's presentation by clicking on image above.
Left to Right: Phil Clark (Chair - AusIMM Melbourne Branch), Prof. Klas Hjort (Head of Microsystems Technology Division, University of Uppsala, Sweden); Joe Cucuzza (Managing Director, AMIRA International)

Prof. Klas Hjort, from Uppsala University, Sweden, gave a presentation at the AusIMM January 2016 Technical meeting. In the first part of his talk, Prof. Hjort gave an overview of the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of the Swedish Mining and Metal industry (STRIM) prepared by Dr Pär Weihed, also from Uppsala University. STRIM’s 2030 vision includes; no harmful emissions; turning waste into products; fully integrated resource characterisation, 3D exploration models for major belts; minimised climate impact; and improved resource efficiency. Organisations supporting the Strategic Innovation programme of STRIM include LKAB, Boliden, Atlas Copco, Sandvik, SABB and others. The programme will run during the time period 2013-2016.

Prof. Hjort then went onto to discuss the INDEX (Innovative Deep Exploration) project, which drew inspiration from Australia’s DET CRC’s work. The project’s partners include Uppsala University, Atlas Copco, Boliden, LKAB and Orexplore. The goal of INDEX is to improve the work flow and creativity for geologists by developing new miniaturized geophysical sensors and geochemical analysers at the bore hole. The project will have a particular focus on the problems and needs arising from the exploration at depths greater than one kilometre.

Prof. Hjort completed his presentation by providing examples of other research activity his research centre has been involved in. These include development of a Mini-sub; various examples of miniaturisation, down-hole magnetometer; and seismic measurement during drilling. Prof. Hjort concluded his talk by indicating his interest in increasing international collaboration.

Joe Cucuzza | Managing Director | AMIRA International

Data Metallogenica: the principal database of samples, data & information on world deposits past, present & future

Data Metallogenica ( is a global database of rock samples collected over 45 years from mineralised sites and terranes on every continent; supported by measurement & descriptive data.

Download the Data Metallogenica Overview presentation (October 2015) here.

If you or your company are interested in subscribing to Data Metallogenica, please contact Olga Verezub


The AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover - Stage 1 is a bold and collaborative initiative. It is a call-to-arms to all Australian minerals industry and geoscience stakeholders to address the challenges associated with exploration in the under-cover search space to improve exploration performance.

The Roadmap is provided free of charge but under the conditions that publication of the Roadmap is prohibited, and any references/quotes from the Roadmap must acknowledge AMIRA International.

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The major producers of Iron Ore have collaboratively supported AMIRA's Project P1097 - Systematic Evaluation of Transportable Moisture Limit (TML) Measurement Methods for Iron Ore Fines Bulk Cargoes, to advance the science and engineering that underpin the measurement of TML for shipping iron ore fines bulk cargoes, and to recommend the best method(s) for assessing an iron ore fines bulk cargo for its stability. The participants of the project have agreed to share the Literature Review within the wider mining space, aiming to draw on the knowledge developed in the fields of ship motion, bulk particle transport, soil mechanics and material characterisation. The applicability of these fields to this project have been discussed and outlined in this report.

If you are interested in obtaining the Literature Review report, please send your request to AMIRA International: Olga Verezub

A fully laden vessel, MV Vale Malaysia, on passage.
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