Welcome to the Alumina Technology Roadmap website. This site has been set up to enable interested parties to accessa copy of the Roadmap, keep abreast of developments associated with the implementation of the Roadmap initiatives, and serve as a focal point for exchange of information and a general communication network.

Relevant information will be placed on the website as it comes to hand. Once software requirements are in place, we intend establishing a chat room to enable a free exchange of ideas and information.

The Alumina Technology Committee (Steering Committee), which is charged with overseeing the Roadmap implementation, uses this website as its information base, to locate the outcomes from its activities, including meetings. As its deliberations are intially confidential access to this area is restricted.



Downloads of Presentations

Papers presented at the Seventh Australasian Aluminum Smelting Technology Conference & Workshops, Melbourne, Australia, 11-16 November 2001.

Paper by Tony Kjar

Paper by David Coutts

Invited paper presented by Ivan Anich at the Alumina & Bauxite Sessions of the 2002 Annual TMS Meeting, Seattle, USA, 18-21 February 2002

Notes take of the general discussion session following Ivan Anich's presentations

Invited paper presented by Ivan Anich at the Australian Light Metals Conference, Gladstone, Queensland, 1-2 October 2002

News Items

1. The Aluminum Association, Inc. and the US Department of Energy (Office of Industrial Technologies) have assisted the US Aluminum Industry to update the Aluminum Industry Technology Roadmap. The Roadmap was first issued in 1997; this second edition is dated February 2003. A copy can be downloaded: www.oit.doe.gov/aluminum/pdfs/al_roadmap.pdf.

The University of Limerick has developed a close and expanding relationship with Aughinish Alumina in several areas of research pertinent to the Bayer process. Through its Materials and Surface Science Institute (MSSI) the University has a broad range of capabilities for undertaking such research; more details are available here.

Aughinish Alumina is actively supporting research projects at UL; more details are available here. There are opportunities for researchers, especially at the post doctoral level, to work at the University in conjunction with Aughinish Alumina. Application has been made within the Marie Curie programme under the European Union’s 6th Framework Program.

The company is looking for suitable applicants to fill the following positions:
Researchers (contingent on a successful Marie Curie application)
Research Manager (contingent on a successful Marie Curie application)
Technical Consultant to work in our Plant Technology Department (plant role – independent of a Marie Curie application

3. Some developments with the US-Australia Climate Action Partnership were presented in a recent Media Release from the office of the Australian Environment Minister, Dr David Kemp. It mentioned the Alumina Technology Roadmap in the section titled Engaging with Business - Technology Development, but indicated that any action here may be at a later date. The Media Release can be accessed here.

Jacques Mordini from Aluminium Pechiney presented an invited talk on the Alumina Technology Roadmap and an update on actions flowing from it at the 9th Congress of ICSOBA on "Bauxite & Aluminium for the Future" held in Vienna, Austria, 29 May - 1 June 2002.

He had the following comments about the Congress:
"The presentation was very well received. Attendance numbered 35 people (note that at ICSOBA they separate bauxite and alumina sessions) Only one question by University of Athens : Is there any opportunity to participate in one of the projects ? My answer : if they believe they have a particular expertise to offer, they can inform the Steering Committee (contact details provided). The day before my presentation, there were plenary sessions with some key personalities from Industry (Rio Tinto, Outokumpu), and EEC . Everyone focussed on sustainable development and emphasized the need of a common vision about the challenges of mining and metallurgy as this type of industry has more and more a bad public image. I took the opportunity to indicate that this aspect is taken into account in the Roadmap."
"Few papers dealing with scientific aspects of alumina refining. Attendance was mainly from Eastern countries and the representatives spoke generally about the difficulties they have with their old refineries and low grade bauxites. I met Don Donaldson, Prof. Surey Bhargava of RMIT (Melbourne), Frank Kimmerle who delivered an excellent presentation on analysis of smelter grade alumina.""In conclusion, the congress was well organized, with plant and mines visit. It is more oriented towards bauxite than alumina

5. The Australian Government's Light Metals Action Agenda was launched on 10 December 2001. It contains important information about the aluminium (and alumina) industry both in Australia and elsewhere. The papers can be accessed here.

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